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for your special event

$400 for 2 llamas for 2 hours

Create lasting memories with friendly llamas at your next special event!

There may be some extra travel fees, so please contact us with more details of your event location.

To book, contact us at or call (423) 426-7626


Enchance Your Event with Friendly Llamas

Celebrate weddings, birthday parties, conventions, church events, bachelorette parties, mom's getaway, family reunions, etc. with gentle llamas.


Experience LlamaLlove

Watch your friends and family react with excitement when 2 gorgeous llamas join your event.


Your cameras will never stop!


Renta-A-Llama Travel Policy

We will travel up to 30 miles from The Wandering Llama farm and then after that, there is a $1 per mile travel fee.


Maximum distance is 90 miles, one way. 

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