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Meet Our Llamas

Rocky Top Tennessee

Rocky is our newest packer and trekker and has already begun his hike training and doing very well! He is a sweet, young boy with lots of personality. He is now fully pack-trained and doing great.


Chocolate Moose

Moose is one of our friendliest llamas! Wait until you feel his incredible fluffy fiber! Moose always has his little tail up while hiking! He is now 4 years old and sometimes has a mind of his own. He is a HUGE llama and carries a full pack. Chocolate Moose is best with adults.


Cuzin Itt

Cuzin Itt is a charmer! He's so mellow and sweet and has the most gorgeous "suri" wavy fiber! He is a small guy and loves to "talk" ... come out to hear his squeaky little hum! He is also our farm stud llama and we are expecting many babies sired from him soon!


Gandalf the Gray

This stunning Suri llama is one of our best packers on hikes and also a stud for our gorgeous ladies. He will be servicing the lady llamas in 2023 and we can't wait to see what he produces! He is young, has excellent conformation, silky suri fiber and a sweet personality. Wait until you see his pretty face!

San_1st hike.JPG

Quiet Riot

I can't be more excited to welcome Quiet Riot into my breeding program and packing herd! He is one of the most beautiful and unique llamas I've ever seen. He will produce gorgeous appaloosa babies, I'm sure! Quiet Riot should be on the farm in May, just in time for breeding!


King Aragorn

Aragorn is a large, tall llama and is best with adults! He is very smart and observant. He was a show llama in the past and has won many ribbons! Now he has joined us for packing and hiking and enjoying nature! No more prancing around the show ring!



Rivendell is a "Suri" llama, which means his fiber is crimped and wavy. He was a show llama and performed in llama shows for years. Rivendell is a tall guy, walks well with anyone, and is one of our friendliest llamas! I have to say, he one of my favorite llamas and we share the same birthday, Sept 9!


Carrot Top

Little Carrot Top is older, so we don't use him a lot on treks. He's just so cute and lingers around the farm being a "pasture ornament"! He is a small llama, and people think he's a baby, but he is15! Carrot Top makes the cutest noises ... wait until you hear him humm! He LOVES the water hose in summer!



Chester is a classic tall boy, and is now retired from hiking. He is older, about 21 now, but doing well!  Chester has a BIG appetite and will eat anything! He loves bananas, soft bread and strawberries and will

tolerate lots of petting!



This fat guy is quite sweet and has the most beautiful light brown eyes! He hums a lot so maybe he will sing for you! He is old enough to be retired from hiking now, but if you need a llama for a party, wedding or event, Old Man Willow is the best choice ... he is one of the calmest llamas Ive ever known and is quite photogenic!



This beautiful, fawn-colored classic llama is such a sweetie pie! He is older, so we don't work him too hard. He resembles an Egyptian camel quite a bit, so we named him Pharaoh and he's very funny! He likes to rest his head on your shoulder and he always makes people laugh with his funny antics. We think he may be half Guanaco.



Jazmine is our newest lady llama! She is a gorgeous suri appy llama and will be a huge addition to our appy breeding program. She is super friendly and is great out on the trail too! She recently had her first cria (baby), Luigi, and is a great mom!



This sweet little thing is a new addition to our breeding herd. We are also training her for hikes and she is doing quite well. She's very friendly and loves people! Juliana is a ball of young energy! We will be breeding her in May with Quiet Riot!


Jet Stream

"Jet", as we call her, has joined the farm to become one of our breeder llamas.  She has the softest, silkiest, solid black fiber ... like black velvet! Jet has been bred and is due for her 2nd baby in May of 2023!


Josie Rose

Look at that gorgeous face! Josie joined the farm to become one of our breeder llamas. She is a spotted appaloosa, which happens to be my favorite color style for llamas.  Josie has been bred and is due for her 2nd baby in May of 2023!



This new baby was JUST born on Jan 25, 2023! Come see him run and play and grow! His mommy is Jazmine and his daddy is JuanDeFilorro, a gorgeous, Chilean suri stud. We can't wait to see how gorgeous his fiber will be! He will start halter training soon.


MORE baby llamas due soon in May 2023!




Our very special llamas who have been with us in the past, that we will never forget! Little Pippin, KooKoo, Afrika and Gandalf the White

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