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1-hour Llama Farm Visit

$39 + tax per person

Come to the llama farm and mingle, pet, photograph and feed the llamas! Create lasting memories that will last a lifetime.


Experience LlamaLlove

No chickens, no cows ... just llamas everywhere you look! Go ahead and pet them, feed them and hug them. Your camera will not stop clicking! Our llamas love people and the response from our farm visits has been amazing. Enjoy the majestic mountain views for an outdoor adventure you'll never forget.


Pet and Feed the llamas

Don't forget snacks for the llamas ... they love plain graham crackers, animal crackers, mini-wheat cereal (not frosted) and oatmeal cookies (not frosted). If you're lucky, you might be visiting when the farm has some baby llamas. Nothing can be cuter than a bouncing baby llama!


Things to Remember

Clean outhouse bathroom available on the farm.


Age limit: 7 to 75 yrs old. Sorry, no dogs are allowed on the farm.


We accept PayPal and credit cards only. No cash or credit cards are accepted at the farm. All sales are FINAL.



Payments will be refunded in full if the management of The Wandering Llamas finds it necessary to cancel your scheduled stay. This would only happen due to severe weather conditions or an unexpected, disruptive event that cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled, such as COVID, etc. No refund if you cancel for any reason within 30 days of your reservation date. 

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