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3-hour Wine* & Cheese
Llama Trek

$125 + tax per person

Back by popular demand! A delightful 2-hour easy hike, along a scenic wilderness trail with your own pack llama! Then, visit the llama farm and spend time munching on mouth watering charcuterie board!


Part 1: Includes a 2-hr Wilderness Llama Hike

We start out on a wilderness trail and hike with the llamas. We then take a 20-min drive to the llama farm, where you can mingle with the entire herd of our lovely llamas! Visit all our beautiful females with newborn babies and meet all the other llamas on the farm, too. Don't forget snacks for the llamas ... they love plain graham crackers, animal crackers, mini-wheat cereal (not frosted) and oatmeal cookies (not frosted).


Part 2: Includes a Gourmet Cheese Charcuterie Board at the Llama Farm

You will then be presented with a Gourmet Cheese Board with fresh fruits, several imported cheeses, crackers, specialty breads, olives and nuts in our covered gazebo (gazebo free of charge). Our gazebo is situated at the highest point of the property and has the best mountain views! You can see Viking Mountain, Black Stack Cliffs and the ridge where the Appalachian Trail runs through.

*Bring your own wine, beer or liquor. We provide glassware.


Things to Remember

Clean outhouse bathroom available at the farm.


Price is per person. A 48-hour notice is required for this event.


No bathroom facilities on the Burnet Gap Trail (used during colder months), but they are available on the Hobbit Creek Trail (used during warmer months).


Our age limits are 7 to 75. Please, no babies in backpack carriers. We cover a lot of ground in a short time, so please make sure that your younger children are able to hike up to 2 miles and that they will not be afraid to walk in the creek waters(ankle to knee high).  If the child cant complete the entire hike, you may carry them on your shoulders, but you can't also walk a llama. A guide will take your llama for the remainder of the hike.


If the weather is bad on your scheduled llama hike day, we will try to reschedule your hike on another day. If you cant make it on any other day, we will refund you in full. 


We try to match up each hiker with one llama; however, on larger groups over 10 people, you will have to share a llama with another person. We charge per person, not per llama. If you do not want to share a llama, please request this in advance and we will set up a private trek for you, if we have availability. 


Dogs are allowed, but must remain on a sturdy leash at all times. Dogs must not bark, chase, scare or bite the llamas or people. The person walking the dog cannot also walk a llama. Dogs are to be walked in front of the llama herd-string so that the llamas can see the dog. If any dog begins to behave with risk to llamas or people, you will be asked to leave with no refund.


We accept PayPal and credit cards only. No cash or credit cards are accepted at the trailheads. All sales are FINAL.



Payments will be refunded in full if the management of The Wandering Llamas finds it necessary to cancel your scheduled trek. This would only happen due to severe weather conditions or an unexpected, disruptive event that cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled, such as COVID, etc. No refund if you cancel for any reason within 30 days of the reservation date. No refund if you or anyone in your party are more than 15 min late (from the start time) of your scheduled trek. We feel, out of courtesy, it is not fair for other trekkers to wait more than 15 min for lost or late trekkers. No refund for no-shows, late or lost hikers.

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